How Can You Support the Kratom Industry

How can you support the Kratom Industry?

We have been asked the same question over and over for years… “How can I support the Kratom Industry?”

The truth is that many people are discreet about their kratom use, they don't want to advocate on social media or publicly at all. It may be a personal reason, it may be a professional reason or maybe you just don't want to explain yourself anymore. When someone first learns about kratom they will usually jump on the computer and “Google it”. Unfortunately, what you find are misnomers and negative articles. This will make for an awkward conversation with your boss or family member.
We will go over a few ways to help support the industry whether you want to keep your anonymity or you're happy to scream it from the mountain tops.


This is probably one of the most important ways individuals can support the kratom industry. Get involved with online forums or groups. Many forums just like I Love Kratom will allow you to decide your own screen name. What's nice about the forums is you can Explain your story, tell the community how kratom benefited your life and situation. In the very least just “like” a post that you read. See, we need to get honest information and articles to the top of search engines. The search engines look for content that gets traffic, hits, comments, or likes. Just by giving an article, you read a thumbs up, you are helping the kratom industry. By commenting on a post or article you are helping even more. We need to keep the conversation alive and relevant. This industry is growing rapidly on a daily basis. Your story might be the one that changes someone's life or helps them make a better decision that day.

Support Your Vendor

Not only is it important to shop with a vendor that sells good, clean products and that follows all of the FDA’s guidelines but it’s important to be involved with them as well. Open their newsletters, read the social media posts, if you're up to it give them a thumbs up on their posts or pictures. One of the best ways to support a vendor you believe in is to give them an honest review on their Google reviews page. These little things will help someone new to kratom sort out the good vendors from the bad. Some vendors are in the industry just for the money, however, most of them are here because they believe in the product, they believe it can help and they believe in the future of kratom. Find a vendor you believe in.

Keep em Straight

Don’t put up with the garbage. We see lies about kratom come from everyone from the media to actual kratom vendors. Speak up, If you see an article that is telling blatant lies. Comment on the article explaining why you do not agree and why. At the same time, Vendors are not to be making any medical claims about kratom. They should be called out as well. They are only hurting the industry by doing so. We all need to do our part to help regulate the industry.

Reach out to you Congressman or Congresswoman

When the industry needs your help, you will know. You will receive emails from your vendor or the AKA. you will see posts online. It’s been said that no one fights like the kratom industry. and. It’s true. We don't mean being obnoxious and causing a ruckus in the streets. Remember, Cool Heads Prevail. We mean to write a letter to your legislator or senator, call or email you congressman or woman, Go to city hall and talk with your mayor. Just be heard. Let the lawmakers of this country know that passing laws and ordinances against kratom is a mistake.

Donate to the Cause

If all the above options don’t suit you, you can always donate to an organization that can be a voice for you. There are a few organizations that are spreading awareness and on the frontlines to keep kratom legal. They continue to educate the public about the kratom plant itself as well as the industry. Organizations like the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance believe that kratom is of benefit. If you would like to donate to an organization we recommend doing your research. Read both organization’s principles and agendas. Though there are times some of us may not agree with their ways or efficiency, They are a big part of why kratom is still legal today. I think we can all appreciate that.

In Conclusion

Most people that work in or with the industry would rather keep kratom legal then to make a quick buck with kratom (I said most, not all). The one thing we all have in common is that we want to help, we want people to understand how it improved our lives, we want people to understand the benefit of kratom. All you have to do to help benefit the industry is get involved, whether you are just liking a post on social media or you are marching with your picket sign. We just want the truth to be heard without bias. We want the world to know the power of something completely natural.

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